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I remember as a kid tuning in to watch Saturday morning cartoons, back when they were actually a thing, and really loving Digimon. Me and a lot of kids were still heavy on the Pokemon craze, but since even as a kid I was all in on the monster craze, I always tried to make time to watch it. Considering that the Megaman Battle Network anime was running pretty close to it, it's also partially to blame for my love of that cyberspace aesthetic! The monsters were pretty cool too, although I didn't remember the chosen children all that much. Honestly, the amount of absolute CHEESE in the dub made it hard sometimes! The series sort of came and went for me, especially past Frontier, but I remember really loving the aesthetics and mons of 02 and Tamers, although I'll get more into that in later articles.

As I got older and started getting more into subbed anime, I looked back at Digimon and ended up really diving deep! I would spend a ton of time through the wikis trying to look through every Digimon and read about some obscure games that didn't even get localized, just anything I could get my hands on. X-Antibodies, Milleniumon, Yggdrasil, Digi-Memories! Tried out Digimon World and got my ass handed to me not even too far out of town! Since I was already into Tamas, the v-pets were of course a big interest too. You don't know how long I'd look through ebay pages just to see those expensive and seemingly unattainable D-Arks or foreign D3s. Eugh, there was so much to dig into, and yet I didn't really get back into watching the anime. Well, I did try to watch the Adventure subbed, but life got in the way by the time I hit the 5th episode... At some point, after years of no international releases, I drifted away from the series again.

That is, until Tri and Appmon hit and brought the series back! Not only did Bandai start making new v-pets such as the DMX, they were also bringing their anniversary v-pet overseas! All of that, plus the anime Blu-rays, the new artbooks, the new video games, the fan translations, everything! It's such a fun time to be a Digimon fan again.

I'll be going through some parts of the series and write some of my thoughts on them, just not every part. These articles are mostly so I can share some of my feelings on things that I experienced or feel passionately about; y'know, for fun! Hopefully people like them, or even get tempted to get into the series themselves!